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It is above all a man, an expertise, a background; that of its promoter, Emmanuel NJDOUDE, at the head of a passionate and dynamic team.

At the age of twenty, the latter has just obtained his general education diploma. He has ambitions of success, and wants to think practical the profession to be practiced. Printing is a family business.
The big brother (a pioneer of quality printing in Cameroon) to whom his parents have entrusted him for already one year, invites him to discover his profession. According to this big brother’s advice, “In life, the purpose of school is work…”. These inspiring words of the older brother will develop in young Emmanuel an enthusiastic infatuation for work.
Emmanuel NDJOUDE will take three months to think about it. He’s passionate about success, he has doubts since he is rather passionate about the business world. However, to go into business, he needs financial means, which he hardly has. From then on, his big brother’s proposal will sound like the best option to achieve his goals. He agreed to discover the printing trade and chose photoengraving in the graphic industry as his specialization. After a year, the opportunity seen as a way to raise capital to join the business world will then become the love of a lifetime.
He learns and adapts quickly, allowing him to discover all the facets of the graphic industry (photogravure, DTP, offset, computer graphics, screen printing, heliography, flexography…). Nothing holds any more secrets for him. In addition, he has had a flourishing career within the company: DTP Department Manager, Industry Workshop Manager, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Sales Manager (for ten years), Managing Director, General Manager (for 3 years), and finally, interim manager of his mentor Xavier Tankou (CEO of the Multiprint group).
This is why Emmanuel Ndjoude has always considered MULTIPRINT to be his company at heart, after 22 years full of passion and constant challenges.
His departure from Multiprint will be an inspiration from providence and his project of PRINT INDUSTRY is totally unexpected and seized on the fly. Start-up equipment is quite modest, however compensated by a rich technical, commercial and administrative experience. From this success, the young company will draw its letters of nobility. A few years later, notoriety and recognition are there!
Today, with “the biggest”, Print Industry is logistically at the cutting edge of technology and, above all, has reassuring human expertise.
For the future, we are keen to see our employees (around sixty) continue to train in the printing professions. This includes in-house and international seminars, which are an opportunity for the most experienced to pass on their knowledge to the youngest. We are proud of this corporate culture. It assures us of quality partnerships for our future projects.
To conclude, PRINT INDUSTRY is a great adventure made of passion, evolution, innovation, risk taking and the permanent search for excellence. A great adventure that is not about to end, a great adventure that we are happy to continue with the help of our multiple partners!
Finally, PRINT INDUSTRY is a team, skills, equipment, especially partner-customers. These partners give us the opportunity to accompany them and for which Print Industry is constantly grateful.

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Simplified Organization Chart 

Simplified Production Department Chart 


The quality of our prints is the result of unparalleled human expertise, but also of sophisticated and constantly updated equipment. The list below.


  • 1 CTF (flash) / 8 exposures
  • 1 CTP / 4 exposures
  • 1 Xeros 770, A3+ Speed Digital Press / Resolution 2400 dpi/up to 2200 pages per hour / Integrated finishing.
  • 1 Xerox 700, A3+ Low / Resolution 2400 dpi / Up to 1200 sheets per hour.



  • Heidelberg PM 74-2
  • Heidelberg SM 102-2
  • Heidelberg MOZ-P-4
  • Heidelberg GTO 52-2
  • Heidelberg KORS
  • Heidelberg GTO 46-4


  • Polar Cutter 105
  • Cutting cylinder 57×81 cm
  • Folding machines 4 poses 46×64 cm
  • 8 stations / 4 towers assembly machine
  • 02 RO/VO Peelers
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Secure marking
  • Automatic numbering machine
  • Chain with embankment
  • Slot machine
  • Binder square back glued
  • Sewing machine
  • Spiral machine
  • Punching machine
  • UV varnisher
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Packaging machine (Shrink film)
  • Counter-gluer
  • Bending machine (Packaging)


  • 1 Solvent printer, width 3.2m / Speed 24 heads / resolution 720 dpi.
  • 1 Solvent printer, width 3,2m / 12 heads / resolution 720 dpi.
  • 1 Eco Solvent Printer, width 2.0m / Speed double heads / resolution 2400 dpi.
  • 2 Eco-solvent printers, width 1.8m / Standard head / resolution 2400 dpi.
  • 2 Dye sublimation printers, width 1.6m / Standard heads / Integrated drying oven / resolution 2400 dpi.
  • 1 UV Flatbed Printer, 3D, Selective varnish, format 1,3×2, 5m/ Speed / resolution 2400 dpi.
  • Transfer printer for economical banners, width 0,80m


  • Laminating machine
  • Welding machine
  • Eyelet machine


  • Application screen printing machine 80×120 cm
  • T-shirt printing machine
  • IR drying tunnel
  • UV curing tunnel
  • Screen tensioner
  • Screen Insolator


  •  Kit of 4 lettering machines (signs, panels, lettering, logotype,…)
    – Conventional bending machine for plastic materials
    – Automatic lettering and logo bending machine.
    – Automatic 3D lettering and logotype
    – UV Drying Booth
  • CNC cutting
  • Flatbed


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