Textile screen printing: how does it work?

Textile printing in silkscreen, for advertising T-Shirts or brand creation and production.

Screen printing is the artistic term for the ancient art of silk printing.

The word is a combination of the Latin phrase seri (silk) and the Greek word graphein (writing or drawing)

So that’s it, for the definition of the word… but in practice, what does it look like?

Screen printing is the only “true” printing technique!

Indeed, 99.9% of the T-shirts you buy in stores ( Jules, Zara, Mango, Brice, Pinkies, D&G, Camaieu, Quicksilver, Oxbow, etc, etc…… ) are silkscreened!

An economical printing technique that offers long-lasting colour intensity and perfect opacity.

Many special effects are possible (inflated, fluorescent, phospho, worn, worn, tar, etc…) Our printing speed can reach 600 pieces/hour for simple patterns on light articles.

1st step: color separation
2nd step: exposure of the screens
3rd step: machine calibration
4th step: printing
5th step: drying and polymerization


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